Fly Fogger/Sprayer without Cart

C & R Supply

Product Number: 500 FS006
This 12 volt system lets you fog or straight stream your choice of fly sprays.  Use with premix products or concentrates that mix with your choice of carrier.  The pump delivers up to 1 gallon per minute at a maximum of 225 psi.  An adjustable relief valve lets the operator decide the pressure from 0-255 psi.  The unit comes with a 6 gallon tank and 18" spray gun with quick couplers to a 30 ft hose to let you move with ease.  A 15' wiring harness with battery clips lets you hook to a vehicle battery or to a deep cycle marine battery.  This versatile sprayer is used for livestock in pastures, feedlots, confinements, dairy barns, manure pits, bunklines or anywhere flies are a problem.  Choice of hand carry model or wheeled cart model.  Battery is not included.  The unit may also be used as a weed sprayer.

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