Product Number: 500 TT009

John Deere ExactEmerge Planter

Totally Tubular field tested 3 ExactEmerge planters with our fertilizer tubes running different rates of fertilizer, at different rates of speed. Each test was successful in the following ways:

1. Fertilizer was successfully placed in the trench, below the seed.

2. Fertilizer was not building up on the brush system, nor brought back into the seed delivery system.

3. Fertilizer was successfully placed at various rates of speed, with various rates of fertilizer.


1. Check valves should be run with these fertilizer tubes; close to the tube, in the fertilizer line.
2. Try not to let the planter sit in the ground too long where a pool of fertilizer can form and possibly get onto the brush seed delivery system.
3. Inspect row units for build-up in the brush system when you fill your planter.

Installation Instructions: These Instructions need to be followed very closely. Please read thoroughly!!!
1. Remove gauge wheels and disc blades. Remove all shims on right side.

2. Remove nut holding on the disc guard.

3. Slide ExactEmerge Fertilizer tube over disc bolt as shown. This bracket takes the place of two (2) shims. It is the exact width of two (2) shims.

4. Slide bracket on the top of the tube over the disc guard bolt as shown.

5. Tighten the disc guard nut back into place.

6. Align the tube so it is in the center of the seed tube guard and pinch the tab tightly around the guard with a channel lock. (We find a channel lock works the best.)

7. Replace all but two (2) of the shims next to the bracket.

8. The 6mm plastic line is optional. It is provided for additional pressure out of the bottom of the tube. This tube can be inserted up the bottom of the tube, leaving 1/4" sticking out of the bottom. Please inspect daily.

Please note: This line may or may not need to be used. In some very dry conditions, this line may melt due to friction; if this happens, remove the plastic 6mm line.

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