Product Number: 084 SCS612

Raven has raised anhydrous ammonia (NH3) application technology to new levels of performance with the AccuFlow Vortex cooler and AccuFlow HP (high performance) Plus. Both models use super cooling technology to stabilize NH3 as a liquid for superior accuracy and control.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced from 50+ fittings in older dual cooler system to less than 30 fittings for the Vortex cooler
  • Gruv-lock couplings
    • Easier maintenance of the Flow Meter
    • Less than 10 min to remove and re-install flow meter
    • Only a single socket 7/8-inch wrench required
  • Safety bleed down circuit
    • Positioned at the front of the toolbar and empties into the vapor lines
    • Additional needle valve for bleed down at the flow meter
    • Operator is removed from the point of exhaust
  • Faster bleed down - 30 minutes or less for full bleed down
  • Refrigerant Line Y-Strainer
    • 1/2-inch strainer placed in the refrigerant or coolant line designed to catch debris before it can reach the orifice of the cooler

Raven’s advanced NH3 cooler system is now available in stainless steel and with more capacity options! 

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