Product Number: 500 TT008

 Part #TT-008

This rubber flap installs into the seed tube for simple control of seed bounce. The optional seed bounce flap closes the opening between the disc openers assuring correct seed placement by eliminating seed bounce and ricochet. This ensures the seed is getting into the seed trench and not on top of the ground. It also helps in the plantability of light seeds such as sugar beets and protects them from the "floating effect" when traveling down wind.  This product works with the Precision Seed Tube, however the roll pin will need to be cut down, and the flap itself has to be cut down lengthwise to fit into the smaller opening of this seed tube.  This product will not work with the Bullseye Seed Tube.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Drill a 1/8" hole through seed tube using supplied template. It is very important that this hole is drilled straight, so removing the seed tube and using a drill press is recommended
  2. Insert the seed bounce flap pin into one of the above holes and twist seed bounce flap up into position, snapping the other side of the roll pin into the adjacent hole
  3. Re-Install seed tube


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